Our Family Brand Story

Hi, Hunters!

CREATIVE XP is a family-owned company based in New York, USA. My name is Daniel and together with my wife, Elizabeth, we started this unbelievably exciting journey in 2006 with small funds but many problems to solve.


After over 12 years, CreativeXP has been rewarded not only for its 100% personalized US-Based customer service but also for the premium performance of the following optics products: cellular game cameras, spotting scopes, night vision binoculars, and rifle scopes. As we all know, the lens quality in a hunting camera or a spotting scope is crucial for getting the expected satisfaction, but we always want to go one step further.


We analyze thousands of customer feedbacks, find their biggest problems and solve them through innovative design and unique accessories & features. Our biggest goal has always been not to be average, and we take pride in being one of the most exclusive hunting & optics brands while offering unbeatable prices for the quality.


Our products are UNIQUE because YOUR NEEDS are too! You are family and I am a hunter myself, that is why we want to offer you the most rewarding experience no matter if it's elk hunting in Colorado, deer hunting in Texas, practicing range shooting in Oklahoma, birding/birdwatching or enjoying stunning scenery. We want you to be 100% Satisfied and we are always here to help.


Please contact us via email or phone and we will assist you as soon as possible. If you receive a defective product (which rarely happens), please don't worry at all. We will quickly send you a new one or fully refund your purchase, just contact us - Zero Hassle!

***Our old phone number (6466008243) is temporarily down. PLEASE CALL US AT 646 450 6330. For faster responses, you can email us at support@creative-xp.com as well!