***Our old phone number (6466008243) is temporarily down. PLEASE CALL US AT 646 450 6330!
For faster responses, you can email us at support@creative-xp.com as well! Have an amazing day and Happy Voting!


The SimHero and 32 GB Memory card will be inserted in the camera when received because we wanted to make this Cellular Wild Game Cameras to be AS EASY AS possible to operate.

Here is how you can fix any sending errors when using the SimHero card and receive photos to your email or phone. This works ONLY if you have signal. If you don't have signal, it means the sim card isn't active or you don't have any data left, so log in on your SimHero account.

1. Reset camera from the Main Menu -> Other -> Reset. Turn OFF the camera and turn it back ON. If the camera has a signal after resetting it, follow the below instructions.

2. After you reset the camera, please insert your EMAIL in the Main Menu -> 4G/3G Section -> Send To -> Email -> Email 1. NOTHING else - just your personal email address! (we try with the email first and see if it works).
*MAKE SURE the Send To -> "Phone" section is EMPTY.

3. After, please save your email address (by pressing MENU and after OK) and take a test photo by pressing OK when you are on the screen where you see what the camera is filming.

4. It should say on the screen "SENT SMTP" and after "SENT SUCCESS" or "SENT FAIL". Let us know if you have issues!


**If the camera says "SENT SUCCESS" but you don't receive it in your email inbox, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder.

***If you inserted your phone number in the "EMAIL 1" section (example: 6466008243@vzwpix.com) and when you took a test photo it said "SENT SUCCESS" but you didn't receive the photo. This happens because the phone network blocks the photos considering them spam. To FIX IT, you can do the following:

1. Delete your phone number from the "EMAIL 1" section
2. Insert your email address.

1. Call your phone network, ask for a High-Tech specialist.
2. Ask them to activate the SMTP feature of your phone number.

1. Use our NEW PHONE APP which is now in the Beta Testing stage.
2. Email us at support@creative-xp.com for the instructions on how to find it and set it up!

That's it. Let me know if it worked or you can call us at 646 450 6330. Thank you very much for your trust in our family business!



1. Can this camera capture license plates accurately enough for later identification in the dark?

Our Night Vision feature with 56 No Glow IR LEDs is one of the most high-quality on the market and depending on the distance between the car and the camera, you will most probably be able to read it if you watch the photos on your computer and zoom in.

2. What game camera sends pictures to the phone? I want to receive photos on my email without going directly and checking the photos and probably I need one.

Our latest Cellular Game Camera can send photos directly to your email or any US photo number. You won't need to check it manually wasting a lot of time and you won't spread human scent all over the field. You can email us for any other questions and I will be happy to assist you on the phone too!

3. What size batteries does this unit use?

The 3G Trail Camera uses AA batteries and it can work with 4 or 8 (we recommend using the latter option). Also, you can connect it to a 12V Power Adapter if you are using the camera close to an outlet or to an external battery.

4. Where is the IMEI number so I can activate the sim card? (You DON'T need an IMEI number if using SimHero)

You can find it in the Main Menu -> Other -> About section. Also, you can find a YouTube tutorial if you search CreativeXP Trail Camera IMEI. You can email us for any other questions and I will be happy to assist you on the phone too!

 Here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_LHwq22gxg

5. Is there any disadvantage of owning a 3G camera instead of 4G?

There is not really a disadvantage to having a 3G SIM card when all the camera does with the data is send small size MMS messages (not download files or stream videos) and yes, you will have 3G signal in an area which has a 4G signal.

6. What if my phone is through us cellular?

Your phone can be on ANY US phone network because the camera sends MMS messages.

7. Do I need to purchase a data plan if the device is in range of my wifi?

That's actually a great question and I just forwarded to our technical team, maybe we can include this feature in our next model. The answer is No, the camera doesn't have the WiFi feature and it sends photos just using cellular signal and data. You can email us for any other questions and I will be happy to assist you on the phone too!

8. Do you just enter your phone number for MMS function or is something added to your phone number

You just need to add your 10-digit phone number followed by your MMS gateway domain specific for your phone network. You can find all this information on the black insert in the package.

9. Do you sell a solar panel for this model?

Yes, we launched it in July 2019. You can find it on our website and on Amazon.com

10. How long after a picture is taken does it take to send to my phone?

The usual sending time is below 1 minute and no less than 10 seconds, depending on your phone reception, image quality selected, PIR sensitivity, etc.

11. I have an AT&T cell phone and plan. Can I put the camera on my current plan and avoid the fee?

Yes, you can add it to your current plan, but you need a new phone number JUST for the trail camera.

12. What specs are required for a solar panel to charge the 12v NiMH batteries if a 12v/2a does not work? what size dc plug is required?

The output voltage for the solar panel should be 9V and the size for the DC plug is 4 x 2.1 mm. Starting April 2019, the package includes a 12V adapter.

13. Will this camera also send videos to your phone?

Currently, our cellular hunting camera PRO3 won't send videos to your phone or email, just photos. We are working on this feature and it will be available as soon as possible - we will provide upgraded firmware to previous customers too.

14. If the camera is connected to my wireless network or within range of the wireless network, can it send out pictures? Or does it need cellular?

Our 3G game camera cannot connect to a wireless network, it has only cellular features and it needs a data plan from SimHero or AT&T. 

For any other questions please call us at 646 450 6330 or email at support@creative-xp.com!

Thank you so much!!