Step 1- activate and register your SimHero sim card on: my.simhero.com
Step 2- make sure your sim card and SD card are inserted into the camera’s slots
Step 3- secure the antenna/antennas on your camera
Step 4- insert fully charged AA batteries into your camera and turn it on
Step 5- inside the camera’s Menu, go to the 4G menu tab and make sure the MMS function is OFF
Step 6- enter the camera’s Menu > 4G > Send To > Email and input your email address (the small arrow on the screen pointing up is the “save” button, make sure you press OK on it after inputting the email address)
Step 7- exit the Menu completely by pressing the Menu button multiple times, until you reach the screen where you can see what the camera is filming. Press the OK button to take a test photo. The first photo can take a bit longer to send, as the camera will be searching for the best and most stable signal to use. The next photos will not take as long.
Step 8- the camera will display “Send SMTP…”, and after a short while it will display either “Send success” or “Send failed”.
Step 9- if the test photo successfully reaches your email address, you can go into the Menu > 4G > Send To > Email 1 or Email 2 and enter your phone number (phone numbers CANNOT be entered under the Phone tab); type in your phone number followed by the correct ending, according to your phone carrier, as seen in the chart below:

Step 10- after saving your phone number, exit the Menu again and take the test Photo by pressing the OK button; IF the camera shows “Send success”, you should receive the picture as a text message on your phone. IF you do not receive it, please make sure you contact your phone carrier and ask them to enable receiving SMTP messages.
IF the camera displays “Send failed”, please double check steps 1-10.

Ease up the setup process by following our tutorial videos:

• How to register your SimHero sim card:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WfUI7N7esc&t=7s

• How to setup the 4G PLUS camera:

• How to setup the 4G camera:

Our Trail Cameras come with an included SimHero sim card, which uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers to get signals. If your area is covered, you will be able to use the camera without any issues.
The camera can send out pictures to ANY US phone number. 

- set the Photo Quality set at 12 MP, not 5 or 8. (Main Menu -> CAM section).
- switch the SMTP image size to LARGE or Original from SMALL; you can find this in the Main Menu -> 4G -> under Send To is SMTP image size.
- use NI-MH rechargeable batteries and select the battery type from the Main Menu -> Other section, make sure that you are using the maximum number of batteries to get higher quality photos.

NOTE: most cellular service providers do not support full quality pictures; you will receive them at their full quality only when having them sent to your email address.

- make sure that the batteries are fully charged or the remaining power is enough;
-"Max Range" offers a better IR flash range. Given IR flash range are based on the Max Range setting, please adjust Night Mode to Max Range for better night vision;
-high-quality 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA batteries can also offer much better IR flash range; alkaline batteries cannot deliver enough amperage to power the illuminator consistently at night;
-to ensure the accuracy and quality of nighttime images, please mount the camera to the dark environment without any obvious light sources;
-certain surroundings (like trees, walls, ground, etc.) within flash range can get you better night time images - please do not aim the camera at a totally open field where there is nothing within the IR flash range to reflect the flashback. It's like shining a flashlight into the sky at night - you just can't see anything and the same goes for the camera.
NOTE:most cellular service providers do not support full quality pictures; you will receive them at their full quality only when having them sent to your email address.

FIRST, make sure the following steps have been applied:
a) You activated the SimHero online (says ACTIVE with green), you have data and when you turn on the camera you have the signal on the top left of the screen.
b) The MMS feature from Main Menu -> 3G -> MMS (third option) is OFF.
c) The SMTP feature which is below MMS is on "D" from Default, NOT on Manual.
d) You inserted your email or phone number (as specified on the black insert) into the EMAIL section, NOT the Phone section.
e) All 4 buttons on the bottom of the camera are pushed UP;

HOW TO FIX ERROR 102, 401, 500:

>Go to Main Menu -> 3G -> Sim Auto Match and switch from auto to MANUAL.
>Go to Manual Setup (which is below sim auto-match) -> go to the 3G Section (not MMS section) -> click on APN (first option)
>Delete everything you see there(eg: portal....) by navigating the red color on the "<" sign and press OK multiple times.
>Write the SimHero APN with ALL lower-case letters: freeeway (Yes, with three "E"-s)
**press "Menu" to switch between numbers and letters
>Save the new APN inserted by pressing Menu and after OK.
>Go back to the main screen by pressing Menu multiple times. Turn off the camera and turn it back on.
>FINALLY - take a test photo by pressing OK. It should say "Send SMTP" and after a minute should say "Send Success".
*We recommend sending the photos to your email instead of text message - that means you should have inserted your email in Send To -> Email -> Email 1 section. 

If you do not have access to your camera and it has stopped working, one the following things happened:
a) your SimHero account expired or ran out of data - solution > log in to your account at my.simhero.com and check the status; if you need to purchase a new plan, please make sure you reset your camera after doing that; to reset, go to Menu > Other > Reset - choose YES to reset, than set the camera up again by following the tutorials:
• How to setup the 4G PLUS camera:
• How to setup the 4G camera:
b) the batteries were drained out - solution > recharge or replace batteries;
c) there was a prolonged period of time with a low or unstable signal and the camera was unable to reconnect to the signal - solution > turn the camera off and back on; if needed, run the reset as mentioned above;
d) the camera was damaged - as we know, trail cameras are usually set up in remote and exposed spots; damage can be caused by extreme weather (flood, hurricane, lightning) or curious wildlife (bears, woodpeckers, rodents); damage to the antenna will render the camera unable to connect to a signal - solutions > consider purchasing a CREATIVE XP Security Metal Box/contact our customer care representatives and see the solution your product qualifies for. 

The reset solution must be applied each time you run out of data on your SimHero account and purchase a new data plan.
The reset solution can also help when multiple settings have been attempted.
To reset the camera by going to Main Menu -> Other -> Reset -> Choose Yes to reset the camera.
Then set it up again following one of these tutorials:
- setup for the 4G PLUS camera:
- setup for the 4G camera:

Yes, you can purchase a Solar Panel for prolonged working time without interfering with the batteries:
Our Security Metal Boxes might come in handy if your camera is exposed to wildlife or in an area with a high risk of theft. You can add any lock to keep the metal box out of intruders’ hands:
If the signal in your area is low or unstable, a Signal Booster could do the trick:

A PIR setting is the most probable cause of your camera sending a picture upon what seems to be a certain time pattern. Please go to Menu > PIR > and check that Time Lapse is OFF.


The SimHero and 32 GB Memory card will be inserted in the camera when received because we wanted to make this Cellular Wild Game Cameras to be AS EASY AS possible to operate.


1. Reset camera from the Main Menu -> Other -> Reset. Turn OFF the camera and turn it back ON. If the camera has a signal after resetting it, follow the below instructions.

2. After you reset the camera, please insert your EMAIL in the Main Menu -> 4G Section -> Send To -> Email -> Email 1. NOTHING else - just your personal email address! (we try with the email first and see if it works).
*MAKE SURE the Send To -> "Phone" section is EMPTY.

3. Afterward, please save your email address (by pressing MENU and then OK) and take a test photo by pressing OK when you are on the screen where you see what the camera is filming.

4. It should read on the screen "SENT SMTP" and afterward "SENT SUCCESS" or "SENT FAIL". Let us know if you have issues!

**If the camera says "SENT SUCCESS" but you don't receive it in your email inbox, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder.

***If you inserted your phone number in the "EMAIL 1" section (example: 6464506330@vzwpix.com) and when you took a test photo it said "SENT SUCCESS" but you didn't receive the photo, this happens because the phone network blocks the photos considering them spam. To FIX IT, you can do the following:

1. Delete your phone number from the "EMAIL 1" section
2. Insert your email address.

1. Call your phone network, ask for a High-Tech specialist.
2. Ask them to activate the SMTP feature for your phone number.

That's it. Let me know if it worked or you can call us at 646 450 6330. Thank you very much for your trust in our family business!