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April 13, 2018 3 min read

Many people think dash cams are only for car racers and athletes. But it’s far from the truth and car cameras have become a necessity these days.

Surely, you are not going to avoid an accident with a dash cam- but you can prove yourself innocent if an accident is caused by someone else’s fault or get proper insurance reimbursements.

The Top Reasons to Invest in an HD Dash Cam for Your Car

Today, we will see how a small investment of buying a dash cam can make your life safer and easier.

  1. Record Details of your Accident

You may not remember all the details of the accident scene due to the initial shock. It can also be a hit and run case where the other driver doesn’t even bother to stop.

An HD dash cam records all details leading to an accident and after it. You can present the footage as evidence in court to prove that it wasn’t your fault. With HD feature you can clearly make out license plates and facial images so that the errant driver can be apprehended.

If you have a dual dash cam, even better. It helps you capture the whole incident easily.


  1. Get Proof of Police Interactions

Interactions with cops can take a nasty turn with no fault of yours. Dash cams also have the ability to record audio can be used to capture the footage and audio while having police interactions. You can get a dash cam as seen on TV and use the video to establish any wrongdoing by the cops and bring charges against them if applicable.

The dash cam footage is also useful to avoid a ticket when it is not your fault. For instance, if a cop pulls you over for jumping a red light which you haven’t, you can just present the footage from car camera and walk out free!

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  1. Get Adequate Insurance Reimbursements

Auto insurance companies are known not to pay reimbursements or lower them holding the driver liable for the accident. The video recorded by the dash camera can come useful in such cases to show that the other driver is to be blamed.

You can avoid all the hassles and repeated interactions with the insurance company and settle your case with concrete proof. The dash cam can also capture footage of unexpected events that impact your insurance company- like a branch falling from a tree on your car or an accident being caused by a runaway bull jumping in front of your car.

The video makes it easier to get your claim in less number of steps and convincing.

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  1. Monitor your Car while it’s Parked

You may think your car is safe in the parking lot while you are inside your home sleeping peacefully. But many times cars are involved in a hit and run while they are parked. Then there are the risks of theft or someone stealing parts from your car.

Modern dash cams come with a parking mode which captures everything that goes on while your car is parked. The high definition and superior features like night vision ensure that all graphics details are recorded be it another license plate or the face of the thief.

The footage can be presented to the cops who can take the investigation forward.


  1. Improve your driving

Have you seen coaches showing players the video of their own performance so that they can make out their mistakes?

You can get the same kind of guidance from the video of your mirror dash cam. You can go over the recordings and analyze your driving behavior- whether you brake or accelerate too hard, changing lanes abruptly and other things and correct them as required.

The same feature can also be helpful to evaluate the driving patterns of your teenage children learning to take the wheel.

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Dash Cam Pro Helps You Stay Out of Trouble!

The footage captured by the dash cam can be considered as impartial evidence. It shows all the events leading to an accident and the consequences of it. Your words are more likely to be believed by law enforcement agencies when you can present concrete evidence and prove your innocence. 

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You dash cam be the thing that captured you didn’t jump a red light or it was the other driver’s fault who drifted in front of you at top speed. It’s a value for money which can save future costs and embarrassment. One note though, you might just want to get a dash cam with a backup camera so that there are no hiccups along the way.

Cosmin Bardan
Cosmin Bardan

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