Tips for Choosing the Best Rangefinders

Tips for Choosing the Best Rangefinders

Winning a golf game or successful hunting depends on accuracy. Individuals, therefore, should find out what ways would improve their shot. Of course, one has to be at an accurate distance. But how do you determine the precise distance of your target? A rangefinder can help you with that.

Rangefinders are devices designed for measuring accurate distances between a golfer or hunter, and their target. Having one will improve your golfing or hunting skills. It’ll also save you time as well as effort.

But, when it comes to choosing the correct rangefinder, most people get confused. With so many brands and models available, this whole process becomes overwhelming. If you’re however in search of good rangefinders whether for sports or hunting, here are some things you should consider.

How to Choose a Rangefinder?

The Brand

Many vendors claim that they sell quality rangefinders. When you search online today for, best rangefinders, you’ll find many results. But, one shouldn’t settle on a store just for the sake. Do some research about which brands sell high-quality products. You can even read reviews and ratings on their website.

Always buy from stores that have been in this archery business for some time. If a company has been selling archery for many years, there are high chances that their rangefinder supply is excellent.


Quality is always a significant factor to consider when buying any product. Individuals should choose rangefinders whose quality is top-notch. That is why one should buy this product from reputable sellers. Well, some people may not find rangefinders expensive, but that doesn’t mean that one buys a low-quality model and waste their hard-earned cash. Always consider buying from a reliable, branded vendors that sell quality products. When selecting this device, check the material used and ensure that it is strong and durable.


Rangefinders are available in different sizes, types, and colors. All of them are designed to meet the specific needs of users. Some common rangefinder types include: 

  • Golf Rangefinders

These are used by golfers for enhancing their game. They’re mostly used for measuring a particular target’s yardage. They provide exact measurements when required. Golf rangefinders are either GPS or laser. The GPS finders use shorter times to give one correct distance. However, one must download the golf course map for accurate results. Also, they might require users to pay for subscription fees.

Laser finders use laser technology when one measures their target’s distance. Results are displayed on the screen, and they can be used whenever one wants. However, they take quite some time to provide one with distance calculations. Plus, they’re somehow complicated.

  • Ballistics Rangefinders

These are mostly used in conjunction with firearms. Once your target is detected, an incandescent dot will appear on them.

  •  Hunting Rangefinders

Hunters will succeed in their mission if they have correct hunting tools. Because there are various types of hunting, each requires a rangefinder with special features. That’s why there are rangefinders for bow hunting, rifle hunting or target shooting.

  • Forestry Rangefinders

These are meant for surveying in forestry. They are efficient in determining various distances, and they come with special features for that. These features include anti-leaf filters which allow users to determine the height, volume as well as the distance of trees from a fixed area.

Now, since there are various styles and types of this gadget, it’s always wise that you consider what you’ll be using yours for. Golfers, for instance, can’t buy ballistic ranger finders as they won’t serve them best.


Consider Modern Technology

Golfers and hunters shouldn’t fail to consider this when buying their rangefinders. An individual should ensure that they buy one which has all modern technology included. Imagine how difficult it will be to have a rangefinder that doesn’t have a screen, for instance. It’s therefore wise that you check to make sure that the one you’re buying has a button, sensor, magnification, angle compression, etc. If you buy one that doesn’t offer these features, taking your shot will be difficult.

Price and Magnification

Ensure that a rangefinder’s quality matches its price. Many people prefer buying cheap products to save some cash. But, when it comes to these kinds of products, one should prioritize quality first then pricing.

Then also check its magnification. Most people use rangefinders with 4x magnification. But others also use 6x. Adequate magnification will make it easier for you to follow targets. Most archers are designed to focus on bigger targets like zebras. So, if one wants a device that’ll focus on small targets, ensure that it doesn’t have excess magnification. Pursuing moving targets using higher magnification is hard.

Special Features

It’s always wise that someone buys products which have other special features. In this case, for instance, a waterproof rangefinder is suitable as it won’t fail if you accidentally drop it in water. Also, consider one that has a grip surface that will stay firm even when holding with one hand. Again, ensure that your model comes with a protective case.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, picking a perfect rangefinder just became easy. But, remember that everything narrows down to your preference. If you prefer specific styles or models, then go for them. Something else that you should again consider is the distance. For excellent results, ensure that you’re buying a device that can take accurate measurements of whatever you need.


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