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As you all know, technology makes the impossible possible. When it comes to firearms, the advancement in optics and electronics have enabled shooters to move beyond the standard iron sight programs into magnifying riflescopes, and currently into electronic sighting programs. Among the most preferred systems on the industry today are the red dot sights.

Red dot sights have transformed various types of hunting and shooting. Incorporating features of rifle scopes and iron sights, the red dot sights come with features that no previous sighting system offered. These red dot sights enable you to utilize your skills to the highest potential regardless of whether you are into hunting dangerous game, competition, or combat. Let's explore about red dot sights, How Does a Red Dot Sight Work, it's use and different types.

What is Red Dot Sight? 

Red dot sight is an optic made to be used at short to moderate ranges. It is generally a simple optic that utilizes simple reticle to carry out a simple job. The red dot sights are the best tools to use to replace the standard iron sights. If you aren’t sure, these optics utilize a red dot as a reticle.

In some scenarios, the dot is green in color, but it’s still known as red dot sights for simplicity purposes. If you are an amateur, a red dot is the best to use thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. The red optics don’t come with inbuilt magnification and features 1X optics.

How does a Red Dot Sight Work?

As far as its working mechanism is concerned, a piece of plastic or glass with a small red dot is attached at the center of your firearm. With this in place, you will see the target clearly. A red dot embraces a spherical mirror to reflect of light emitted to its focal axis by the LED. Besides, the spherical reflector incorporates a coating that reflects red light only. With this feature, your reticle won’t be disrupted by other lights.

In simple terms, a beam of light is directed onto the specially coated angle piece of glass by an LED. Then, a reticle is created for you upon the reflection of light from the LED onto the glass. With this, you can see your optic as well as the reticle. However, a person, on the other hand, cannot view your reticle.

Generally, bigger dots are easily seen and allow you to get on target first. On the other hand, smaller dots are suited for shooting at moderate distances. For longer distances, the dot covers less of the target and makes viewing and hitting your target much more straightforward.  

Types of Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are available in different modelsin the market, and all perform slightly differently and accomplish different roles.

Standard Rifle Optics

This is a full tube sight that resembles a telescopic sight. It is mainly designed for a shotgun. This type incorporates extra features and accessories like sunshades, haze reducing filters, and flip-up lens covers. They are made to be used for close to moderate range shooting.

The good thing about standard rifle optics is that they can be combined with a night vision optic or magnifier to enhance the versatility and range of the tool.

Miniature Red Dots

These are generally small and weigh less than the full standard rifles. Due to their small size, miniature red dots do not embrace special functionalities like sunshades and haze filters. They are intended to be fitted as both backup sights and pistol sights for the standard rifle optics.

Why Red Dot Sights?

Unluckily, many shooters and hunters aren’t utilizing their red dot sights to the sight’s greatest advantage. The primary reason why you need a red dot sight is its simplicity. Everything about it is artless, and that is the key point to its success.

Another reason is the speed that doesn’t lower your accuracy. Red dot sights are proven to put you on target much faster than the magnified optics and iron sights. As a shooter, you need to understand where this speed comes from. Also, you need to know how to maximize the sight to your advantage.

It is ideal for amateurs. The sight’s simplicity and ease of use make it perfect for beginners as it keeps them feeling good about hitting their target.

The reticle is placed on the same level as the target. This prevents you from changing your focus from the target to the front sight and then aligns the sights with the target.

It lowers parallax. Parallax is defined as the tendency of a reticle to appear to move in the direction of the target when you move the eye behind the optic.

Even if you look through the optic at less than perfect angles, red dot sight allows you to see clearly. It isn’t possible to get a precise alignment when shooting in a hurry. However, the chances of hitting the target are high as long as you can see the red dot.

Final Words

Red dot sights are fantastic optics, and nowadays most people have started buying them. Red dot sights aren’t becoming extinct any time soon, and their modernization is presumed to become better and better.  Since the military and police utilize them, the future of red dot sights is in safe hands. 


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Jenille A
Jenille A

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Joel hanh
Joel hanh

July 15, 2020

I would like to get your CreativeXP HD Red Dot Sight 3 MOA – Tactical Reflex Sight to be mounted on my Keltec su16C.
Do I need any special parts?
Thank you very much.

Harry S Williams
Harry S Williams

July 15, 2020

I installed the Glass Eagle on my Glock 34 race gun and WOW what a difference and so much fun to shoot. East to dial in, spot on with suppressor sights as a co-witness. Target accusation is fast, fast. Point and shoot your good to go

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