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March 13, 2018 4 min read

Dash cams are becoming popular with their increasing affordability and benefits. You can use the footage recorded by the camera to prove the responsible party in case of accidents and even get discounts from your insurance company for having a car cam installed.

With so many features and products, it can get difficult to choose a dash cam. So we are here to make your job easy!

Top Things to Look For when Choosing a HD Dual Dash Cam! If you're looking for the right dashcam with front and rear view, here are some tips to help.

Number of Channels

The number of channels in a dash cam indicates the number of cameras. You can get a single channel camera with a front-facing camera. Some of the models are two channels which mean they have two cameras- one focused at the front and one at the rear. You also need a backup car camera.

Some cameras also have a separate camera for recording footage inside the car (our regular HD dash cam features 3 channels: front, rear & inside). You can also find four channel dash cams which have two dedicated cameras for recording a video for both sides of the car.

You need to decide how many angles you need to capture before choosing the number of channels.


Clarity and Resolution

Car cameras can capture fast-paced motions and other details like the license plate and facial profiles of people, which are helpful while dealing with your insurance or the cops.

You need a high-resolution camera so that the video doesn’t get blurred. So it’s better not to settle for low-resolution cams and aim for at least 1080P. You can also find higher resolutions of 1440P and full HD cameras if you have a flexible budget.

Another important aspect is the frame rate of the camera. You will be recording moving objects and vehicles; so a low frame rate will result in skipping frames or motion blur. Go for a dash cam with minimum 30 fps.

You can also consider the audio feature which sometimes comes useful like in case of recording police interactions.

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Field of View (FOV)

The field of view denotes the area captured by the front-facing camera. A wider FOV will enable you to record details like people, animals or other vehicles on the side of the road.

You can find a wide range of FOV- 140 degrees, 170 degrees and even 350 degrees!


Night Vision

If you are investing in a dash cam, it makes sense to go for night vision. You won’t be driving your car only in the day, and in the dark of the night, the camera needs night vision for you to make out what is happening.

According to National Safety Council, the risk of having a fatal crash is three times higher in the night. Also, 50% of all deaths on the road happen in the night. So it doesn’t make sense to skip night vision.


Parking ASSIST

Some vehicle cameras have a dedicated parking mode which records footage when your car is in the parking lot. It’s useful to record incidents of vandalism, attempts of theft or hit and run cases.

Dash cams with parking mode come with enhanced features like pre-buffered recording and motion detection to carry out their job effectively. Some cameras even have a partition protection feature which doesn’t let the system overwrite footage recorded in the parking mode.

For these types of cameras, you will need to hardwire it to the car or use external battery packs. It’s better not to go for the models with internal batteries as they don’t provide adequate power and can be unsafe in hot climates.


LCD Display

Some dash cams come with integrated LCDs for instant playback. You can also find touchscreen controls to change the setting of the camera on some models. It’s not a brainer that an LCD will take up more space though some cams have small screens without the touchscreen.

You can also pick a dash cam without an LCD- you just have to take out the SD card and view the content on a computer. And if you can get a car camera with night vision, there is nothing like it!


Emergency Recording

Dash cams overwrite previously recorded footage on the SD card to make space for new ones. It poses a risk as the cam can delete video of an accident. Also, your camera may be switched off when the collision occurs.

To stay safe, you can choose a product which has the option of emergency recording. It uses a G-sensor to track sudden vibrations and automatically turns the camera on. It also protects the footage without letting the system overwrite the video of the accident.



You can buy two types of dash cams- one that is hardwired to your car and another who fits into the USB port or the cigarette lighter. You can easily buy a USB dash cam and fix it up in a jiffy!

On the whole, it’s better to opt for the hardwired version as you don’t have the problem of loose wires. But you will need some wiring skills or a professional to handle the job of installing the cam. All our dash cams include Free Hardwire Sets.

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Now decide which features you need and pick the dash cam which suits your needs best. Thanks for reading and share it with your friends if you found it helpful!

Cosmin Bardan
Cosmin Bardan

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