Best Summer Hunts in the United States

Best Summer Hunts in the United States

Oh, how we have forgotten the joy that comes with hunting small game. This is probably why everyone is looking forward to the warm seasons to make a big kill. Rather than spending your days lounging in the house or doing those unpleasant house chores, how about you take your rifle and go into the wild?There are high chances that you will come back home with a variety of game meat to partake with your family.

Here are some of the best summer hunts you are bound to come across while hunting.  

Best Summer Hunts in the US


Pigeonhave to be one of the best summer hunts in the USA and around the globe because they nest when the temperature is high. You know what this means, there will be flocks of them within your region during summer. You don’t have to use any secret equipment to spot these birds since they like invading your space. Just carry the hunting gun of your choice, look for a good ambush spot and you are good to go.  


These wild animals are considered to be a nuisance because of how they destroy any plants they come across. Anyone with a large investment farm can attest to this. The fact that they give birth to up to 15 piglets at a go doesn’t make things any easier. Your hunting choice depends on what you want to use the animal for. If you are a trophy hunter, it’s better to hunt the parent hogs, which have more developed tasks. Using cellular game cameras will help you pinpoint their exact location within your perimeter. In case yours is a matter of meat hunting, take your dog with you to make things faster. However, you need to check with your state laws to ensure that wild hogs are not classified as game animals.  


While these birds are found mostly during springtime, you can extend your merrymaking well into the early summer. If you do not take your chance during this period, you may have to wait until the next hunting season to get yourself a free turkey. You can opt to hunt the traditional way or get a turkey caller if you don’t want to spend too much time in the sun. Optionally, you can set up a trail camera for an even easier hunt.  


It's not fun to share game meat with coyotes, mainly because they won’t give you a piece of their catch without a fight. This calls for control of their population. Coyotes are mostly seen during the summer, more so at night or during the morning hours when deers are just waking up. They follow the sound of the bleats and attack the weakest member of the heard, which are mostly calves. Since coyotes are sensitive to noise and movement, it is better to use a hunting camera for hunting them down. Use a caller to attract them if you can’t spot one easily, and make sure that you kill the animal with one shot if you are hunting a trophy. 


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