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The whitetail deer has remained captivating to humans. Hunting for the whitetail deer is gaining popularity.


Top reasons for whitetail deer hunting:

  • As a hunting sport for entertainment
  • A source of meat (venison)
  • Collecting trophy antlers for home decor

Despite the different reasons for hunting, it is best that you identify the best places to hunt so that you enjoy the process as well as meet your objectives. In addition, keep in mind that the deer are protected by the local states as game mammals and are, therefore, hunted only on specific months. Ease your hunting process with a pair of a trail camera. This will not only help you to identify your prey but it will also help you to retain your target even from a distance in addition to retaining important memories as a hunter.


Best States to Hunt for Whitetail Deer


Top States for Whitetail Deer Hunting



If you are hunting mainly for sport, Kentucky should be your hunting ground. The rolling hill with a landscape of fallen yellow leaves provides an amazing spot. This state also provides affordable hunting rates. The deer population here is vast with an average of 324,000 hectares coverage. Experience friendly regulations and oversee a large herd of deer with a variance in species.



If you seek to hunt a whitetail deer for the trophy, Indiana is known for its giant archery bucks. Indiana has more than 55,000 acres of public land to hunt. All kills must be reported within 48 hours. Great hunting grounds within the state can be found in and around western Indiana’s Parke County. This county has produced more Boone & Crockett bucks.



 Minnesota is the home and top destination for hunting whitetails since 2015. It provides the largest public ground for hunting standing at 3.2 million hectares. With a license at hand and ideal hunting equipment, you can hunt to find good healthy bucks.


Best States to Hunt for Whitetail Deer


Kansas is one of the states to visit if you are looking to kill a record-book whitetail. According to statistics, this state has ranked eighth in Boone & Crockett entries between the year 2005 and 2010. However, while it is known to host large bucks, you are in for a serious sporting challenge as they are difficult to find. Ensure your trail camera is fully functional, as you will need the images and/or video of your sport just to show off your trophy.


Texas has built quite a name for itself in whitetail hunting. Considering that Texas is the second largest state, the whitetails are also large, but also in population. It secured the second position in antlerless harvest between the year 2005 and 2010. It also ranked position 10 with 132 entries in Boone & Crockett. To crown it all, the hunting grounds cover about 1.6 million acres of public land. Everything is bigger in Texas and so is whitetail hunting.



Iowa and whitetail hunting has a rich history indicating that it was the number one state for whitetails between the year 1830 and 2001. Though a license to hunt here can be slightly costly, there are more than 200,000 hunters hunting its grounds, which cover 107,646 hectares of public land. Iowa also offers private grounds, which limits the number of hunters. Best hunting season is during the cold seasons as the bucks are forced to abandon their usual places and their feeding time changes to daylight hours. A weatherproof trail camera will record the thrill despite the chills during this season.


Wisconsin offers 2 million hectares of hunting ground. It has a population of about 1.2 million deer. Deer hunted annually is about 700,000. Hunters also have the ability to lease hunting grounds. While it has a wide array of deer, you have the likelihood to hunt large bucks, standing a chance to be listed in the record book. Bottom line, if you are looking for grounds to hunt giant-bodied bucks and the best big-antler genetics bucks, this is the state to register as a hunter.


Best States to Hunt for Whitetail Deer


With a population of 1.3million deer and a vast hunting ground of about 1 million hectares, you will enjoy hunting as a sport. About 487,000 hunters have a license to hunt in this state. It has affordable rates that locals can enjoy.

The above are the best states to hunt for whitetail deer in the United States. Remember to pack your trail camera alongside your hunting equipment to ensure you capture all the outstanding moments as well as keep record of your victory killings. Take pride as a hunter.





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