7 Best Road Trips in USA

7 Best Road Trips in USA

As summer sneaks in, most people will spend some serious cash flying to faraway places for vacations. However, traveling doesn't have to be costly, or even intercontinental. With a country full of hidden treasures waiting to get discovered, you are only a car ride away from a beautiful vacation.


Road trips can bring you great fun, but it's good to carry with you some great technology to help you make your trip fun and more comfortable. Having the right gadgets will make a world of difference during your road trip. For instance, you can use a dash cam from CreativeXP to capture the breathtaking sceneries and to ensure your safety during the road trip. That being said, here are some of the memorable road trips in the USA.

Best Road Trips in USA

Hana Highway

The modern Hawaiian highway is roughly a stretch of 64 miles, but it can take you 2.5 hours to drive without any stops because of its one-lane bridges and winding roads. However, it is good to plan for longer because the road trips along the breathtaking waterfalls and beaches are worth a pit stop. Road trippers should utilize a guidebook or a suitable dash cam GPS since, although Hawaii's beaches are entirely public, some fake "no trespassing" signposts can put off the unsuspecting traveler. Some features along this route include Garden of Eden Arboretum, the Wailua Overlook, Koki Beach and Twin Falls.


7 best road trips in USA

Interstate 90


I-90 extends from sea to sea and it not for the faint-hearted. From Seattle to Boston, this 3,024-mile freeway travels past 13 states and highlights niche attractions such as the Jell-O Gallery Museum located in Le Roy, New York, Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, IN and the Superman's birthplace in Cleveland. Some larger attractions near I-90 include Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and national parks such as the Badlands and Yellowstone.


California State Route 1


This section of the highway goes along the attractive coastline of California. With approximately 655 miles of spectacular Pacific views, this scenic route starts on the southern end of San Diego and ends in San Francisco. Since the travelers can discover cool destinations and a recommended timeline in this place, the road is also a destination by itself, since it is the spot of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the Bixby Creek Bridge.


7 best road trips in USA


Grand Circle Tour


The Grand Circle Tour takes adventure-lovers to six national parks which include Bryce Canyon, Zion, Moab, the Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef and Monument Valley. Other natural spectacles on this route are Kanab and Lake Powell, a winding reservoir. Thrill-seekers will enjoy a unique adventure with numerous views of barren mountains and desert lakes, and experiences such as ATV trails, river guides, and guided horseback tours.


Route 66


As one of the original freeways in the United States' highway network, Route 66 extends from Santa Monica to Chicago, making 2,448 miles of the highway. This road was a significant route in the 1930s during the western migration and is full of chocking history, sites and nostalgia you will find nowhere else. You can visit the Cadillac Ranch located in Amarillo or watch the biggest concrete totem pole in the world at Ed Galloway Totem Pole Park situated in Foyil, OK. During the evening, you can spend the night in a tipi-shaped room at Wigwam Motel located in Holbrook, AZ, after visiting the Petrified Forest National Park.

Overseas Highway


This bridge takes road trippers over the ocean all the way into the Florida Keys, changing this trip into a tropical haven. The highway stretches U.S. Route 1 via the Florida Keys as well as the entire way to Key West with approximately 113 miles floating over the massive Atlantic Ocean. Although this route is reasonably short, it can turn into a full-blown journey with stops for kayak tours, snorkeling, and even places where adventure-seekers can swim with dolphins.



7 best road trips in USA

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the dream of every nature-lover. This 469-mile scenic road runs through North Carolina and Virginia, from the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Made up of four unique districts, Blue Ridge Parkway comprises highlands, plateaus, ridges, and Mt. Pisgah. If you are a road tripper in pursuit of biking, hiking, and camping, the Blue Ridge Parkway will be an ideal route for you.



Road trips are full of fun experiences, and capturing these fun moments is a significant part of any road trip since it preserves memories that you can quickly revisit. Installing a dash cam in your car will work to your advantage in such trips. All that you require is a good dash cam with a high resolution to help you record all your experiences.


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