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Children love doing things that the adults in their lives do and surprisingly, hunting is no exception. According to research, outstanding hunters come from the families that are so passionate about hunting.

Sadly, hunting is among the dying sports we have around, probably due to the advanced technology, endless activities for children and urbanization among other reasons. If your kids are showing interest in hunting, take them into the woods or field with you and you’ll not only be keeping the sport alive, but you’ll also teach them so much more about real life. Here are some of the amazing reasons to teach kids about the joy of hunting.

  1. Provides a platform to teach children about gun safety

In our society, firearms are everywhere; they scare people and also kill. Before teaching your kids how to track and shoot an animal, you should first teach them how to handle firearms. Without the proper knowledge, different people react differently with a gun in their hands and they may panic thereby causing injury to themselves or others. By teaching your children how to hunt, you teach them to be comfortable with the weapon and its mechanics, including how to load and unload it, how to turn the safety on and off, and most importantly, how to check the chamber. Besides, you teach them how to respect a gun and a proper way to carry it through the woods.

  1. Provides a bonding time away from technology

Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century and parents are complaining a lot about how their children are glued to technology. Most of them are spending time playing their favorite video games, some watching the latest movies and others connecting with their friends on social media. Whatever the case, it is important to get your children up off the couch. Apart from spending time doing something that’s both useful and enjoyable, taking your children outdoor helps them to relax, keeps their blood pressure in check and most importantly, it is good for their mind and spirit.

  1. Teaches responsibility

Without a shadow of a doubt, hunting is a great responsibility; you handle a weapon efficiently, you get into the woods to kill an animal, you respect other hunters, and leave the woods in the same way you found them. Once you teach your kids hunting ethics, you instill in them a sense of responsibility. Besides, teaching them proper sportsmen etiquette and hunting skills automatically teach them to be responsible individuals later in life. 

  1. Promotes health and fitness

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy hunting, but being physically fit is of great importance as it will help you to efficiently walk long distances, climb through mountains, and drag large animals with a rope. Involving your kids in hunting will teach them the importance of being physically fit and at the same time, it will create a fun way to exercise. Therefore, if you have some time to kill and you need the best outdoor activities, hunting will be the best thing you can give to your children.

  1. It’s a good lesson on patience and hard work

Hunting is not easy; it requires you to get up early, sit in the heat or cold for hours, fight bugs and at the end of the day, success is not guaranteed. It is easy to for your kids to become frustrated but once an animal is down, they quickly forget about the challenges and get excited that they finally have something to show. The next time they go hunting, they’ll keep in mind that patience pays and that will turn them into well-rounded people. Once your kids understand the link between effort and rewards, they are likely to become confident and successful adults.

  1. Teaches your kids on self-reliance

We are living in a digital era and people are spending time on screens and relying on others for food. There’s nothing wrong with sharing but being independent shows self-respect. Teaching your children how to hunt is a way of showing them how to feed themselves. This means that when the unthinkable happens at some point in life, they won’t be stuck and they will use their intelligence to obtain food without relying on others. 

Bottom line

There are a million and one reasons to pass on the tradition of hunting from one generation to another. Hunting connects kids to the land and its inhabitants, provides a great bonding time in the outdoor, encourages health and fitness and most importantly, it develops life skills such as respect, self-control, discipline, good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork. If you want your kids to have amazing hunting experience, make the woods a common place for them by spending quality time for instance by walking, give them the right tools and show them how to hunt and without a doubt, they’ll become great hunters. 


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Jenille A

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